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Luzhou hong run assets management co., LTD., the company headquarters and subordinate six wholly owned subsidiary——LuTianHua hospital、Luzhou day hao plastic products co., LTD、Luzhou LuTianHua public facilities management co., LTD、Luzhou LuTianHua property management co., LTD、Luzhou is suggested shipping industry co., LTD、Luzhou hong run pension service co., LTD。The company by the office、Sales department、The finance department、Port administration、LuTianHua hotel。Yihong embellish assets management co., LTD., based in luzhou2006Years12Month28The restructuring to become has the qualifications of independent legal is also the company,The registered capital is960Ten thousand yuan,Under the LuTianHua(Group)A limited liability company、Sichuan Lutianhua Company Limited、Natural person the gaoping equity stake35.05%、31.97%And32.98%。
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